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360Brandings took on the challenge of transforming the online presence of Ox Strong Moving, a reliable moving company based in Gainesville, FL. In the dynamic and time-sensitive moving industry, Ox Strong Moving found a dependable partner in 360Brandings.



Facing the typical challenges of the moving industry, Ox Strong Moving required quick and responsive solutions. Their high demand for timely edits, coupled with a need for responsiveness, presented an excellent opportunity for us to create a custom SEO campaign and website development strategy for Ox Strong.



We implemented an in-depth SEO campaign, recognizing the significance of online visibility. Specifically designed to boost Ox Strong Moving’s presence on Google, the campaign targeted key search terms such as “Movers” and “Movers Near Me.” This strategic approach aimed to enhance the company’s visibility and attract potential customers actively searching for moving services.

Responsive Collaboration: Recognizing the need for quick results, we maintained a responsive and collaborative relationship with Ox Strong Moving. This involved addressing SEO questions, providing timely updates, and conducting regular meetings to ensure client satisfaction.

Efficient Website Management: Understanding the importance of quick edits, we prioritized swift changes to the website, web forums, and platforms. This dedication to efficiency exceeded Ox Strong Moving’s expectations and contributed to a positive overall experience.

Professionalism and Reputation Management: We not only met but exceeded Ox Strong Moving’s expectations, building a positive reputation even among those who had left the industry. Word-of-mouth recommendations played a crucial role in Ox Strong Moving’s decision to choose us, highlighting our professionalism and industry credibility.


The collaborative efforts between Ox Strong Moving and us, 360Brandings, yielded remarkable results:

Exceeded Expectations: Ox Strong Moving expressed their satisfaction with the entire 360Brandings team, acknowledging the exceptional support from Cody, Travis, and Daniel. Our team’s responsiveness and professionalism exceeded the client’s demanding expectations.

Positive Word of Mouth: The positive experience with 360Brandings spread through word of mouth, as Ox Strong Moving learned about us through recommendations from industry peers. Even those who had stopped using 360Brandings endorsed us as the go-to experts in the field.

Consistent Professionalism: Our team’s consistent professionalism, even in interactions through email, contributed to a positive client experience. Ox Strong Moving emphasized the helpfulness and responsiveness of everyone they encountered at 360Brandings.


The success story of Ox Strong Moving and us, 360Brandings, exemplifies our commitment to excellence, responsiveness, and professionalism. By understanding and addressing the unique challenges of the moving industry, we exceeded client expectations and garnered positive word-of-mouth recommendations. This case study underscores our ability to thrive in demanding industries, providing tangible results and building lasting client relationships based on trust and performance.